Hi.. Mungkin Engkau tak pernah tahu apa yang kutulis disini
Yang kadang tak tereja di tiap syairnya
Yang tak pernah selesai kuuntai untukmu
Dan tak tak pernah lelah kurangkai di tiap aksaranya
Sampai kata yang kupintal menjadikan namamu

Izinkan aku cintaimu walau dalam goresan pena
Ku ingin mencintaimu layaknya mentari
Bergulir sempurna dari kanan ke kiri
Ku ingin mencintaimu seperti udara
Yang tak terlihat namun bisa kau rasa

Mungkin bagimu rinduku tak kasat mata
Rindu yang tak terbaca tak kau pahami maknanya
Biarkan ku simpan dan kurajut dalam hati

Pada sedikit kisah mu yang pernah kau bagi
Pada sekeping hatimu yang rela kutumbuhi bunga

Namamu yang selalu menggetarkan kepingan hatiku..


Splash of Colour Contact Lenses

Hi there, gorgeous! It’s been a while since I blogged, but I’ll be back pretty soon after my imminent sojourn in Laos for a week. Woo-hoo, I’m off to a new adventure (again)! Anyhoo, here’s a post from our friends at Lensway. 🙂

From the ancient Egyptians painting their faces with deadly lead and mercury, to Iron Age Celts turning themselves blue with woad, people have been trying to enhance the way they look for around six thousand years. Humans have daubed their faces and their bodies with all sorts of chemicals, tattooed their skin and inflicted gravity defying styles on their hair through the ages.

Few people are content with their hair and it’s relatively easy to dye it a new colour, straighten it, add curls and make it shorter or longer. But when it comes to eye colour, there hasn’t been a lot that people could do, until now. means that you no longer need to accept nature’s prescriptions: now, you can select whatever eye colour you prefer. You can choose from a selection of warm and realistic colours that really will make your brown eyes blue or green or amber. (more…)

First Encounters: Benefit in the Philippines.

BeneFit Philippines Soft Launch

For sure, you ladies already know that Benefit Cosmetics is already in the Philippines, since its soft launch last December. I had the opportunity to take a sneak peek at them goodies.

I’ve been a fan of Benefit since I owned one of their best selling products the first time — Benefit Dandelion. I also love the cult favourite, Benetint. In fact, I bought a Pocketpal (Benetint + Transparent Gloss) during my first visit in Singapore. I’m so happy that they finally set their first ever flagship store in Greenbelt 5, since I don’t have to buy Benefit products elsewhere. I used to get mine abroad, either by going to Sephora or ordering online; both of which is quite expensive.

Back at the launch, I was able to taste one of these yummy cupcakes, featuring BeneBabes Simone, Gabby and Betty amongst others.

BeneFit Cupcakes - BeneFit Philippines Soft Launch





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