My Christmas Wish : The Coffee House Set from Philosophy

The Coffee House Philisophy 3-in-1I am such a big fan of scents. I collect body mists, perfumes and even shower gels to boot, albeit the latter tends to have the least shelf life so I hafta consume it asap.

One of my Christmas wish list was this set from Philosophy. I so love Philosophy 3-in-1 shower gel, shampoo and bubble baths. They got this really sweet, often relishing scent that really serves as a perfect pick-me-upper as soon as you hit the shower. I got Strawberry Daquiri before, and now I’m craving for more!

Former coworker and good confidante P, who happens to own a beauty blog as well, chose to give me The Coffee House Set from Philosophy. It consists of three Philosophy 3-in-1’s: Cafe Au Lait, Eggnog Latte and Caramel Mocha Latte that come in a cute, nifty house-designed box. (more…)

Get a Youthful, Glowing Skin with MaMa Lotion

I have recently discovered this all powerful potion care of my dermatologist. I was breaking out like crazy a couple of months back because of my hormonal problem, so I sought her help (again). She recommended me using MaMa Lotion to fade those dark spots caused by zits as well as to make the skin more supple and control the incoming flare ups.

You may wonder why is it called MaMa Lotion. I, on the other hand, thought that it has to do something with “mothers”. Ha-ha. I know it sounds silly. But, MaMa lotion is a 20% AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) solution which consists of 10% Mandelic acid and 10% Malic acid and has an acidic ph of 2.5. So obviously, the name is gotten from the two acids it contains.

Eucerin Aquaphor : a versatile skin soother

I just made one big mistake in my vain, superficial life. I inadvertently slathered something on my medicated face sans asking my dermatologist if it’s safe.  I was about to nix my upper lip (mustache) hair goodbye, so I put some depilatory cream atop of it. The product’s intended for sensitive skin. What I didn’t know is that mine’s extra sensitive. Yes, I got rid of the hair, but irritated by skin big time!

So, Bam! The skin on my upper lip area stung like mad. Great thing I remember that I have Aquaphor Healing Ointment from Eucerin stashed somewhere in our common drawer. So, I put it on the affected area to mitigate the redness and irritation. And, thank God, it really did wonders to my red, burning skin though I still got this anti-inflammatory beta cream from my dermatologist that’d hopefully cure and clear it up eventually.

Moreover, I also use Aquaphor to soothe my chapped lips from continuously shedding. I’ve been painstakingly bearing my over-dried, chapped lips for weeks. My current lip balm couldn’t even mend it, whilst my favorite lip balms (Crab Tree and Evelyn & Kiehl’s) were either out-of-stock or hard to find then.

Here’s what Eucerin has to say about Aquaphor: (more…)




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