Beach-ssentials 101

I always expect the raging heat for a beautiful tropical country where I currently stay. This country never fails to amuse me, as it belts quite a variety of precious waters and fine sands. And, to think that the summer heat is back again after a period of intermittent rain showers, it’s finally the right time to bring out those summery essentials, as I plan to escape to some beach paradise pretty soon! xx

So, what to bring then?

*(L-R) Goggles from Speedo, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SPF 50+ Sunblock, Two-piece Bikinis from Speedo and H&M*

Quite frankly, I do not see a point lugging a mammoth-size bag and pack in bulk, not unless you are coming along in a huge group or staying for a time. Clearly, the weather gives us an ease when it comes to packing, since clothes to don are definitely smaller and thinner. 😉

However, just mind the few basics:

  1. Bring a sunblock. Your spf buddy in a bottle is this season’s mush-have BFF. You may love the sun, but I don’t think you’re gonna enjoy loving your stinging, sunburnt skin later on. Moreover, it helps your skin fight against premature aging. You’ll know what I mean by reading this post.
  2. Keep in mind: Goggles and gadgetry. For sure, you’re gonna need this in order to make your beach escape more fun and hassle-free. Goggles, for instance, protect your eyes from getting reddish and irritated by the pool’s chlorine or by the beach’s high-sodium waters. I, for instance, also bring earplugs in addition to combat pressure sickness underwater. 🙂 Gadgets, such as an underwater camera, watch or inflatable lifesavers help you capture those moments impeccably, whilst keeping you safe and secure.
  3. Wear a Swimsuit! Of course, never go swimming sans wearing your swimming gear. Your swimwear surely has a lot to offer, aside from flaunting your curves or flashing your washboard abs. May it be a two-piece bikini, a one-piece boyleg swimsuit, trunks or boardshorts, these fashionable garments help you move along the water and swim better.
  4. Pack Enough Clothes & Addons. I know you’re gonna wear your swimwear all day and night long, but of course, you still need some clothes on! Remember to pack enough clothes, depending on the duration of your trip. Keep two-piece clothing (aka tops and bottom) in pairs, so does your lingerie! You may have an option to pack some coverup, should you fret exposing your skin too much and need to take some cover.
  5. Lastly, one pair of flipfops could do wonders. Of course, exploring the rest of the beachside is something you ought to do once there. A pair of flipflops can take you afar without actually hurting your footsies. Not to mention, wearing them always feel refreshing. Once in the beach, ditch your shoes and grab your nifty flipflops.

And oh, I just forgot to mention. If you’re not staying in the hotel, make sure to bring most of your toiletries. At the end of the day, you must always head for the real shower! Another, it does not hurt to bring an extra, waterproof case to stash your wet garments inside.

All in all, enjoy Summer by smiling for thing in the morning. It’ll surely give your day a blast! 🙂

Thinks : Color my hair with Frederic Fekkai Salon Color

Frederic Fekkai Salon ColorI’ve been meaning to have my hair colored again one of these days. But, due to my busy and uptight schedule, and the fear of damaging my hair and my clothes, this idea was put onto hold for quite a while.

Upon checking Sephora, this hair coloring set loomed me. I was immediately attracted to  it–not just with its lavender-ish tones and interesting accessories included in the set. But hey, this one’s a product of Frederic Fekkai, one renowned celebrity hair dresser. And, I’d say his products surely got a lot to offer!

Frederic Fekkai Salon Color is a do-it-yourself permanent brush-on hair color that promises to deliver salon quality results.

The tried-and-true Fekkai “brush and bowl” approach allows for thorough blending and precise application. The brush-on method offers optimal control, even coverage, and excellent color adhesion—with no drips or missed

It’s also available in a wide range of brilliant colors. After use, hair looks healthier than before, sans any trace of grays. It also makes hair 40% shinier, silkier and softer.

Too bad, it’s not available locally. So, I’ll be asking someone from the States to buy it for moi. 😛 It might be a bit pricier for $30. But, if it swears to be drip free (meaning less mess and chances for my clothes to be stained), then I’m pretty sure this would be worth shelling out for! I’m thinking of getting a Dark Blonde, Light Golden Brown or Medium Auburn. xx

If you wanna get yours today, feel free to visit this link.

Achieve a Rosy White Glow with L’Oreal White Perfect Radiance Boosting Double Essence

Now that summer’s officially over—at least due to the humidity we have been experiencing since the onset of May, have an option to turn your skin into its rosy white state. Good thing, L’Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise introduces its newest product: L’Oreal White Perfect Radiance Boosting Double Essence.

Clearly, this is not your ordinary whitening potion. By way of whitening, L’Oreal White Perfect Radiance Boosting Double Essence promises a healthy pinkish glow. Thanks to its Tourmaline gemstone, as it helps stimulating skin’s microcirculation, giving you intense radiance and rosy glow. So, bid farewell to those whitening products that make you look fairer, yet look lifeless, livid and paler. This product boasts its Advanced Melano-Block, that acts to regulate skin’s melanin production right at its source, and Pro-Radiance Complex (potent combination of Lactic and Glycolic Acids), that helps to exfoliate darkened surfaced dead skin cells charged with excess melanin. All of these actively boosts your skin’s transparency,  making it less yellowish in appearance.

The dual pump houses two essences that work perfectly for anti-dark zones and pro-rosy transparency.

An association of 2 textures: one creamy white essence and one watery rosy essence that melt together to bring immediate comfort to the skin with a fresh feeling upon application.-L’Oreal Paris





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