The Shocking Truth About Cosmetics

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The Shocking Truth About CosmeticsI was deeply contemplating earlier what to post on this blog. Then, after a few reads from here and there, I stumbled upon the Cosmetics Database website, which lists majority of the beauty products sold today in the market and their corresponding hazard weight based on a 10-point grade scale (0 being the least hazardous and 10 being the most).

To my surprise deep astonishment, some of the products that I use got a flat out 7-10 on the hazard weight scale. What’s more shocking and disturbing is that products that claim “all-natural” or “organic” got at least 3 and up on the scale.

For sure, you’re largely dependent on how the product suits your skin needs. But, knowing what lies on the  ingredients included in it might make you think twice — consider Formaldehyde (and its derivatives) as a case example.

The Real Deal with Ingredients

Discovery’s Planet Green listed some cosmetic ingredients and their adverse effects in human health. As mentioned earlier, Formaldehyde (Formalin in layman’s terms) is a preservative and disinfectant used in embalming process or product preservation for better, longer shelf-life. (Over)exposure could lead to disastrous effects such as Cancer.

In 2007, the European Union bans the use of it for embalming. The Netherlands, in  particular, bans the use of it for textile products. California bans Formaldehyde-based toilet chemicals.

Paraben is a preservative commonly found in almost any beauty products available. It has some common derivatives such as methylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben, isoparaben, and more. It seems like an innocuous ingredient, yet is highly suspected to also promote the risk of getting Cancer. It can mimic estrogen hormones, which other studies claim that it plays a role in the development of breast cancer and urogenital abnormalities. Of course, it doesn’t mean you’re in big trouble having estrogen hormones. It’s naturally found in females. But, overdosing yourself (inadvertently or not) with such hormone is another story.

Others ingredients may have allergens that could trigger reactions in your body — from light to fatal.

What to do then?

Before immersing yourself into mass hysteria and mindlessly throwing your beauty arsenal directly into the bin, consider these options:

  • Investigate. It won’t hurt doing more research on the suspected hazardous product you’re currently using. Look at product reviews and testimonials. I suggest for less biased reviews.  Also, there could be medical articles available online and offline, discussing the product or the active ingredient present. Doing an extensive study can basically “sort things out” and help you decide whether it’s worth the ditch or not.
  • Ask Your Doctor. Seek professional help. Your doctor, or dermatologist for that matter, will help your way to the path of product enlightenment. Ask how the ingredients will affect you. His/her recommendation surely helps.
  • Ask Yourself. Nothing beats asking yourself if the product’s worth the keep. Is it really necessary? Won’t you be complete without it? For a beauty junkie like me, there are so many products stashed inside my drawer that I don’t religiously use. In the end, I just have to throw them away, or give it to someone else who’s willing to try them out.  Of course, if I found it hazardous, I might as well throw it away than risk someone getting a serious disease in return. To sum it all up, if you’re willing to let go of it, then do so.

Curious about your favorite products safety factor? Visit to know a product’s hazard scale. 🙂

SOFA Manila Free Fashion Workshops for July and August!

P.S. Workshop in Podium today is postponed. Kindly visit SOFA Manila’s Multiply Page for updates regarding their free fashion workshop events 🙂 -August 1, 2009

SOFA Manila Free WorkshopsSchool of Fashion and Arts (SOFA) Manila is currently having its free fashion workshop courses for this month ’til August! I might be a lil’ bit late sharing you such fab details, since workshops in Shangri-la Mall already ended, but you can still save these dates for Eastwood and Podium malls!

Check out Eastwood Mall Atrium from July 24-25 , as they’re gonna be having the workshop starting 2pm ’til 6.

I’m not sure if its  a” double date” for Podium, but you can check Podium Atrium this August 1st, also from 2-6pm.

Workshops include: Fashion Design, Basic Draping, Beading and Embellishment, Fashion Styling and more! 😀

Of course, I won’t be missing Eastwood Mall this Friday and Saturday! I’m quite eying for the Fashion Design short course. xx

P.S. It is a MUST to come on time, since they’re gonna be offering slots on first-come-first-serve basis the last time I checked the tarp.

Review: Lush Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

This is not really for-kids-only soap, as you’re gonna surely like the delectable honey scent of this soap from one of my favorite bath and body brands, Lush. It’s really smells like honey, you’d actually think of getting a bite should you not know that it’s really a soap! 😛

Lush Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

Lush Honey I Washed The Kids soap really has a catchy name, with its catchy beehive packaging.

Imagine pulling the comb straight out of the hive, slathering that divine honey all over, then being showered by a delicate spring rain. Honey I Washed The Kids handmade soap calms sore, sensitive epidermis with a rich aloe vera lather and leaves skin silky smooth and deliciously satiated. Slight hints of bergamot and orange lift your spirit and lull you into an intoxicating honey bliss.-Lush

This is one of Lush’s best-sellers, so I didn’t mind getting a bar or two. Though the scent, unfortunately, didn’t stay on my skin that long (scent was gone as soon as it’s washed off), the bar IMO has a dual purpose. The rough, darker part of the soap that looks like a hive works exactly as an exfoliator, sloughing off those dirt and dead skin cells from my body. It’s a nice, everyday body soap for me.

Great thing, there’s an available solid perfume version of this one, and it’s vegan! xx




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