Topshop Kate Moss Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection Launches Today!

Kate Moss Topshop Autumn/Winter Collection 2009

Yes, you got that right. Topshop Kate Moss Collection for Autumn/Winter 2009 launches online today.

Love her or hate her, it’s Kate Moss. Seems like our supermodel darling is equipped with Midas’ Touch, as everything she dons suddenly turns into gold becomes a trend!

Going back, you can now check some of fabuloso pieces of the present collection, which includes lovely Faux Fur and Mohair Jackets, plus this oh-so-gorgeous Jacquard Bandeau Dress in gold that I super duper like! Can’t wait for it to hit the stores, starting this August 27th!

Here’s a sneak peek at the latest Topshop’s Kate Moss Collection!

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Kate Moss Topshop Autumn/Winter Collection 2009 Stripe Weave Dress

* Kate Moss wearing Stripe Weave Dress – I couldn’t find this in the catalog, but it surely looks nice! *

Kate Moss Topshop Autumn/Winter Collection 2009 Faux Fur Jacket

*Kate Moss wearing Faux Fur Jacket – Fret not, ‘coz there’s animal justice on this ala-80’s pièce de résistance. Might put a tiny gash on the wallet at £120, but worth the spend ‘coz it could really pull off a ferosh ensemble in an instant!*

Kate Moss Topshop Autumn/Winter Collection 2009 Triangle Stud Kaftan

*Kate Moss wearing Triangle Stud Kaftan – This chiffon tunic dress in classic black gives us another option to own another cult piece. Price at £85. *


Review: Shu Uemura Face Powder Sheer

At last,  I got a wee bit of labor of love as I’m gleefully typing here in my blog. You see, work starts pouring in on my day job, so I hafta desert this blog for a while. 🙁

Hence, I think it’s time to share a secret about this face powder I’ve been using for a while. Shu Uemura Loose Face Powder in Sheer has this certain “magic” in making my face look radiant in just a few swipes and stokes! I’ve been using this for months. I kinda stopped on the first few tries, suspecting it aggravated my acne condition. But, then again, I couldn’t just resist putting it as a makeup finish. I came back giving it a second try, and I’m still using it today. Best of all,  I’m confident to say it wasn’t really the acne culprit, since I haven’t been severely breaking out for months! 😀

Shu Uemura Face Powder Sheer Claim & Use

This face powder promises to leave skin luminous and glowing with vitality. It gives sheer and transparent finish, and is great for highlighting facial structure & shape. It comes with a velvet-textured puff designed specifically for sheer powder application.

You can use it alone or as a makeup finish. You can use a powder brush in lieu of the puff for application.

Gives Matte yet Glowing, Lightweight Finish

So here’s the verdict: Shu Uemura Sheer Face Powder surprisingly gives my skin matte yet glowing finish. Most of the time, I use it to effectively set my makeup. It neutralizes the sticky, greasy trace left by most creme/liquid foundations. I’m using the loose face powder in sheer colorless, which gives me a transculent finish. I definitely love how lightweight it is, which clearly makes my skin breathe amidst all the powder set on my face. Not to mention, it makes my makeup look natural, as if I’m not wearing anything at all! 🙂

Also, I use this powder alone for retouch, and it never fails to zap the oily sheen in an instant. It gives me a fresh vibe after, as if I just redid my makeup.

Tip: for oily skin types like mine, be sure to zap the excess grease off using an oil control film (tissue paper will do as well) before application, lest it may feel weirdly heavy on skin or the powder may cake or streak.

Messy & Limited Staying Power for Oily Skin Types

Lucky for those who have normal to dry skin types, coz this powder might just last all day on you. But, for me with super oily skin type, it doesn’t stay long enough.  I’d give it a couple of hours or so, before oil starts to pour in. Well, I guess, I should be getting the matte variant then! 🙂

Since it’s in a loose consistency, expect it to be messy.  😉 That’s why, I tend to put some cloth over my lap when applying to prevent the excess powder from spilling over my garb.

Price: $33/ about Php 2,400

RENU Smart Skincare Solutions Opening in SM Megamall!

If you’re into some kind of skin troubled mall rat, need not to worry ‘coz RENU Smart Skincare Solutions brought professional skin care into your favorite mall!

I was delighted to be a part of its grand opening last Sunday, had an interview with Dr. Sumilang (RENU’s Medical Director), and tried one of their fab PCA peel treatments! 🙂

To give you a wee but comprehensive background about RENU:

RENU is the first skin peeling center in the country. RENU offers skin peeling for different skin conditions. All our in-house Dermas are Philippine Dermatlogical Society Board-certified Dermatologists. Only the dermatologists can administer the peels hence we have doctors everyday, 8 hours per day. RENU only uses imported skincare products in our treatments. Brands that are interntionally known for their efficacy are available at RENU — Obagi, PCA Skin, Glytone. Colorescience and MD Lash are also available at RENU. These are complementary products to complete the look of the patients.

In addition, RENU is not your ordinary skin care center. As the beautiful dermatologist, Dr. Liberty Sumilang, stresses: RENU actually convinces their patients to know first which kind of treatment perfectly suits their skin type, instead of merely dropping by and asking for a facial. RENU isn’t simply like that. Procedures aren’t just facial massages. RENU treats patients with utmost care, targeting the core of their skin problems.  RENU houses board-certified dermatologists, so worry not ‘coz you’re in good hands with a professional.

That’s debunking the usual norm that skin care centers found in malls are just up for simple facials and not-so-professional treatments.

Trying PCA Peel the first time

I was gladly invited to try their PCA Designer Peel, care of Dr. Sumilang. I wasn’t really familiar with PCA, but I learned  it’s one great skincare brand from the makers of Obagi. 🙂 The peeling procedure wasn’t that complicated, and it didn’t sting a lot. Perhaps, I was already used to chemical peeling treatments, but for someone like Chox (a Philippine Star correspondent I met during the launch), it’s prolly gonna sting more.

All in all, the procedure was great. My skin’s much smoother, and best of all, zits dried up! 🙂 They also gave me PCA Skin Apres Peel to soothe minor skin irritations such as itchiness due to peeling.  Day one has passed, and my skin’s still in tip-top shape. 😉

RENU is located at the 5th floor, SM Megamall Bldg A.

I’m glad to meet Jaime of Mizz Makeup during the event. Thanks to Eileen Marcelo for the invite, and to Sophie of Beautynomics for the tip! 😀




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