Get a FREE Citrus Lip Balm with Any Order from Made From Earth!

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All The Vanity & organic skin care brand Made From Earth has just something in store for you. 🙂

Free Made From Earth Citrus Lip Balm from All the Vanity

Made from Earth is a certified USDA organic beauty brand that includes natural, chemical and preservative-free skin care products to promote a healthy and holistic living. Their products range from face care, body care, hair & body care and lip care. Each is specifically formulated to meet your healthy skin care needs. Now, do you don’t have to fret about your skin care products having such strong, undesirable ingredients that may actually have carcinogenic or estrogenic effects which lead to various dreadful diseases like Cancer. You will never find any of these chemical ingredients in their products:

– Petrochemicals and Phthalates
– Parabens (Methyl, Propyl, Butyl)
– Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate Diazolidinyl Urea
– Cosmetic Fragrance

Click here for more info about Harmful Ingredients in Skincare Products

We offer a large selection of healthy and chemical free skin care products, including Organic Aloe Vera, Chemical Free Jojoba, Organic Lavender, Organic Honey Lotion, and Organic Green Tea Toxin Cleanser. We also offer chemical free organic face creams, which are full of potent and top-quality organic ingredients such as organic rosehips.– Made from Earth

Everyone can have a taste of such healthy & guilt-free pampering coz they ship their products globally. Now this some vanity I want to have! 😉 😉

One of the products to look forward to is the Three Berry Daily Organic Face Cream, which packed with organic blueberry, organic raspberry and organic cranberry. For healthy anti-wrinkle and face firming treatments, there’s Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum that uses organic compound DMAE to naturally and instantly firm your face in 15 minutes after application.

Start shopping now by simply visiting their website here.

Review: Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll On

As promised, here’s my review on Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll On. 🙂

Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll On

I’ve always been curious on the raves I’ve been hearing from this product, so I gave Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll On a try.

Not that I’m already bugged with my dark undereyes, but it’s more of fretting whenever they “puff” out of nowhere. To be honest, I wasn’t really at all oblivious why it happens. 😛 I believe that “puffy eyes” usually happens when I’m stressed out pulling an all-nighter, and/or when I didn’t have enough sleep. So there, my unrested peepers react violently to the abuse, which usually shows the day after.

So, upon hearing the alleged “wonders” of this product, I immediately grab ahold of it and tried it myself for a week or two. Here’s what the product has to say:

– Immediate cooling effect to freshen up fatigue eye area
– In 14 days, skin is much brighter and radiant
– In 28 days, eye bags and dark circles reduced by 11-12% respectively.*

And yes, it seems like this eye product heed my prayers! I’ll let you know why.

Easy to Use & Takes away the puffiness instantly!

Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll On

Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll On is so easy to use, thanks to its ball point tip which obviates the need to dip your hand into the product. I felt the cooling, somewhat tingling sensation, as soon as applied. The puffiness around my eyes just disappeared instantly after seconds of application. It also made them less tensed and more relaxed, as the product nixes the heavy feeling mainly due to stress. That may be because of the Caffeine, which is its primary ingredient. This is why application can be very addictive!

More importantly, it is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.


I mean literally and figuratively. This magic wand comes in handy so you can stash it easily in your makeup kit. The price is also very reasonable, as compared to other eye products.

Didn’t Fade Dark Undereyes

Upon weeks of use, I didn’t notice any difference in the color of my undereye area. But, I guess no product works overnight! I hafta try it longer and see what happens.

On the other hand, I can’t attest if it minimizes fine lines around the eyes ‘coz I don’t have one [yet]. 😉

Price: Php 299/ around $ 6.40

*Evaluation on 50 women with dark circles and eye bags, all skin types.

5 Beauty Products from Asia that You Need to Take Heed.

Set an oriental vibe with these interesting beauty products found in the East. Also, get to know more about the latest Asian makeup craze as well as organic, all-natural skin care products that are made from the purest and most essential ingredients! 🙂

The Philippines

Human Nature Avocado and Gugo Bark Natural Hair Mask

Human Nature Avocado and Gugo Bark Natural Hair Mask – Treat your locks once in a while with this strengthening and moisturizing hair masque from Human Nature. Made from avocado and gugo bark, your hair will surely be soft and manageable while reducing hair fall and breakage with regular use. Best of all, it’s guaranteed organic and chemical-free at a very reasonable price.

Price: Unavailable (inquire at


Panpuri Thai Original Herbal Hot Compress

Panpuri Thai Original Herbal Hot Compress – After a long day’s work, nothing beats a total rejuvenating pampering session whilst sitting in the comforts of your own home with this best-selling Aromatherapy Hot Compress from Panpuri. This Thai Original Herbal Hot Compress is infused with a mix of exotic ingredients such as lemongrass, turmeric, leech lime and tamarind, which turns into an effective muscle soother and skin enhancer when sprinkled with water and steamed.

Price: 16.50 in Amazon


Chidoriya Secret de Maiko Organic Facial Cream

Chidoriya Secret de Maiko Organic Facial Cream – If you’re not that much open into slathering the brand’s infamous beauty product into your face, then this one is a much better, dropping-free option. 😉 Inspired by the Maiko’s original make-up base, this Shea butter-based facial cream is combined with hand-cold pressed 100% pure Japanese camellia oil, organic rose hip seed oil and pure essential oils of rosewood & geranium. Albeit it’s recommended for all skin types, this better suits those with dry skin. It thoroughly moisturizes and conditions sun damaged, snow-burnt and wind-burnt skin, leaving it smooth and well-hydrated. Plus, its soothing aroma creates an atmosphere of Maiko girls in Kyoto, which is why this cream can also be used in relaxing facial massages.

Price: $29.99 in Chidoriya Yahoo! Store


Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42  PA++

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42  PA++ – Korea in the beauty world is best known for BB or Blemish Balm creams that sell like hotcakes in Asia. This BB Cream from Missha in particular is perfect for all skin types, as it lightens the skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes, and prevents skin aging with its whitening and anti-wrinkle properties. Unlike other BB Creams, a friend of mine swears that it doesn’t cause build-up or makes the skin oilier, so those with oily skin types like mine can grab this baby! 😛  Need not to worry about those harmful sun rays (UV rays to be exact) that can damage your skin, as it belts a high dose of  SPF.

Price: $20.99 in Amazon


Adara Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in Green Tea

Adara Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in Green Tea – This Singaporean brand boasts its certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in its purest form. Gathered in the Island of East Sumatra, this hydrating and nourishing beauty oil visibly soothes dry patchy skin,  helping to lock in moisture which is essential in maintaining  softness and smoothness of the skin. Known for its versatility, this also acts as an overnight pimple treatment, as its cleansing ingredient, lauric acid, helps remove deep-seated bacteria, reducing redness and inflammation on the zit. It also aids in the removal of dead skin cells to reveal a fresher, suppler skin layer. Furthermore, it also works as an intensive deep conditioning treatment for the hair and scalp. The refreshing scent of Green Tea invigorates your senses, which makes it perfect either as a massage oil or a bath oil with an aromatherapy burner.

Price: $30 in B-Glowing




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