Something New: Burberry Beauty Iconic Runway Look 2011


Think I’ve heard sometime before about Burberry having its own cosmetics line alongside luxe brands like Chanel, Givenchy, Yves-Saint Laurent and Dior to name a few, I’ve recently stumbled upon the Iconic Runway Look from the Burberry Beauty Collection.

Burberry Beauty Iconic Runway Look 2011

Burberry Beauty Iconic Runway Look features gentle khaki shades (plus a nude pink lippie) to compliment all skin and eye colours for that effortless, neutral finish. I’m one of the few fans of the “makeup no-makeup” look.

I’m so mesmerised by the lovely packaging! I’d love to get one of these gorgeous babies. ?Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Burberry Beauty Lip Mist - Feather Pink No.209
Lip Mist in Feather Pink

Burberry Beauty Sheer Foundation - Trench No.04
Sheer Foundation in Trench

Burberry Beauty Sheer Powder - Porcelain No.01
Sheer Powder in Porcelain

Burberry Beauty Effortless Mascara - Midnight Black No.01
Effortless Mascara in Midnight Black

Burberry Beauty Sheer Eyeshadow - Khaki No.08
Sheer Eyeshadow in Khaki

Burberry Beauty Sheer Eyeshadow - Trench No.02
Sheer Eyeshadow in Trench

Iconic Runway Look Makeup Tutorial

Burberry Beauty Artistic Consultant Wendy Rowe shows us the right way to wear the khaki colour on British model Cara Delevingne.

All Images from Burberry. Thanks I for the tip!

FaDAL x MIADORE x Seven Barretto

Fashion Designers Alliance Manila, in collaboration with jewelry designer Yekki Balingit of MIADORE and photographer Seven Barretto, will hold an exclusive event later. I’m so glad to catch up on this at the last minute! I’ll be reporting as usual after. 😉

Review: VMV Hypoallergenics ID Buff-Buff Apricot & Salicylic Acid Clarifying Soap

VMV Hypoallergenics ID Buff-Buff Apricot & Salicylic Acid Clarifying Soap

I really hate my hormones, namely oestrogen and progesterone, coz they never fail to be “out of balance”. Whenever they go haywire, everything follows — say, my mood and my skin. I’d been on the pill for more than a year, until a couple of months ago when I decided to bid adieu and see what happens. As expected, my skin began to flare up. :’-( Good thing, I recently found an herbal solution to curb my skin from breaking out like hell hath no fury.

Now, my breakouts are in control, albeit the dark spots (aka zit marks) are still there and I’m waiting for them to fade out completely. I’ll be getting Obagi Clear, if I couldn’t wait any longer. Prolly soon. 😛

So, what does VMV Hypoallergenics Id Buff-Buff Apricot & Salicylic Acid Clarifying Soap have anything to do with this? As you see, breakouts are not limited to the face. They also spread like wildfire on the chest and the back (yes, derriere included :-S). Since my Murad cleanser was long gone, I decided to visit VMV Hypoallergenics store in Bonifacio High Street and try this soap out.

I was an avid VMV user back in college, since this was one of the few good brands that I could afford then. I must say that some worked wonders, whilst others were a waste of dime. As for the VMV ID Soap, I believe it has helped a lot  in minimising the breakouts, albeit it’s not a “miracle worker”.

VMV Id Buff-Buff Apricot and Salicylic Acid Clarifying Soap contain Salicylic Acid to sustain the Id System’s anti-acne, anti-inflammatory, exfoliating process. Helps clear up pimples, chicken skin and other skin bumps from all over body skin. All Skin Types. 100% All-Types-Of-Fragrance-Free, 100% Paraben + Preservative-Free, 100% Phthalate Free. Usage & Patch-Tested. Non-Comedogenic. VH-65 (free from 65 known allergens).  VMV Hypoallergenics

VMV Hypoallergenics ID Buff-Buff Apricot & Salicylic Acid Clarifying Soap
Nice packaging!

VMV Hypoallergenics ID Buff-Buff Apricot & Salicylic Acid Clarifying Soap

VMV Hypoallergenics ID Buff-Buff Apricot & Salicylic Acid Clarifying Soap

Cleanser and Scrub in one, Massages the skin

Aside from the obviously pretty packaging, what I really like about this soap is that it doubles as a body scrub. The apricot kernels buff and massage the skin, giving me an invigorating effect like most body scrubs do. It makes taking a shower less time-consuming on my end to boot. 😛

It also claims to work like a shaving cream.

Tip: Before shaving legs and other body skin, this soap lifts hair so razors can cut them better. Besides a smoother shave, your razor meets skin less times, lessening potential irritations. – VMV Hypollergenics

Just a warning though: be careful when using it coz the apricot beads may tend to be a bit abrasive. Also, it’s never meant to use for the face, so please don’t bother trying. 😛 Since it works more like a body scrub, I don’t recommend this for everyday use. I use it in conjunction with The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash.

Minimises Breakouts a bit, but to a Certain Extent

My skin feels smoother whenever I use this, perhaps because of the scrubbing effect. It has also controlled my breakouts, although I’m also considering the fact that it might be the work of the Evening Primrose Oil [I’m taking] instead. I still notice some bumps brewing, but they weren’t as severely stubborn as before. I think I still need the help of my dermatologist to completely nix these pesky backnes once and for all.

Given my sensitive skin condition, I haven’t tried any VMV product that has given me skin irritations such as rashes and redness coupled with burning sensation.

Price is at around Php 300+. Available in leading supermarkets and VMV Hypoallergenics stores nationwide. You may also check




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