Swarovski Eyewear Launch (and a story behind the scenes).

Swarovski Eye Wear Launch

Most bloggers are usually invited as guests, and perhaps may be oblivious on whatever’s happening backstage. Little do we know is that behind the glitz and the glamour come these people who painstakingly toil before, during, and even after the event. 🙂

I was invited to attend the Swarovski Eyewear Launch not only as a guest, but also as a photographer pre-event.

Swarovski canada goose down mitt https://www.canadagoosestorevip.com Canada Goose coats outlet fake, in partnership with eyewear designer Marcolin, launches its Optical and Sunglasses Collection at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel a couple of weeks ago. I already posted about the two new collections here.

Since taking pictures is merely a pastime of mine, I asked a professional photographer’s help instead. Besides, I wasn’t too confident to pull everything off by simply clutching a humble DSLR kit for starters. 😛

It does not mean that I wouldn’t dare to capture anything at all! Here are some snapshots prior to the event, where the rehearsals, makeup, fitting as well as the photo shoot took place. Call time was 9 am, and believe it or not, I was an early bird. 😀

Backstage - Swarovski Eye Wear Launch
The stage. Everything’s peace and quiet.

Backstage - Swarovski Eye Wear Launch
Strutting the catwalk during the programme rehearsal.

Backstage - Swarovski Eye Wear Launch
A slew of makeup artists doing their thing.

Backstage - Swarovski Eye Wear Launch
One of the models getting a makeover.

After which, the photo shoot, which’s supposed to be my stint, finally transpired. I took some snapshots on the background. I’m still amid mulling whether should I use them in my nondescript, nonexistent portfolio — or not. 😛 So far, everything’s still crappy, but I’d be glad to spare you one (a less crappy version).

Backstage - Swarovski Eye Wear Launch

Twas clear to me that we’re behind schedule. 😛 So, the event finally started and we’re still taking and editing pictures. I resolved not to take my seat as a guest, and helped finish packing up the whole thing before the fashion show starts.

The event was hosted by Sam Oh. I’ve seen her in ETC, and she’s just as eloquent as her usual self. 🙂

Sam Oh - Swarovski Eye Wear Launch

Amber sang, and it was a shame that I missed her part. Finally, a few minutes before the fashion show, I already grabbed my lunch. I was extremely hungry that I didn’t care taking pictures of my food and devoured it like a warthog. I know, it doesn’t sound so classy. 😛

Amid the course of eating, Shamcey Supsup arrived. So, I sneaked out of the table to take a peak and a snapshot [or two]. The Miss Universe 3rd Runner Up is the official model of Swarovski Eyewear, to be carried by EO-Executive Optical here in Manila. Transformed into “fangirl” mode, I took quite a lot of pictures. Here are some of them.

Shamcey Supsup with EO and Swarovski representatives - Swarovski Eyewear Launch

Shamcey Supsup with EO and Swarovski representatives - Swarovski Eyewear Launch
Shamcey with EO and Swarovski representatives

Shamcey Supsup -  Swarovski Eyewear Launch
Shamcey looks like a capital Barbie! My new “thinspiration”. PS: she really has a nice set of teeth. 😛

Culminating the event was the fashion show. Sitting next to the stage, I further took some piccies. 🙂

More Event Pictures

Warning: picture heavy. (more…)

Swarovski Eyewear Now in the Philippines

Swarovski, known for its elegance, sophistication and precision in making finely-cut crystal jewellery, in cooperation with leading eyewear design expert, Marcolin, recently unveiled its eyewear collection in the Philippines .

The collection is composed of two new eyewear lines – the Swarovski Sunglasses and Swarovski Optical Collections – which are both carried by EO-Executive Optical.

Sitting opulently within the junction of the arms and the frames on some of the pieces is the signature Swanflower® motif, a delicate design composed of repeated swan-shaped patterns forming a flower icon.  (more…)

Purse Prime Goodies + Road Test on Apple Leather Cleaner & Conditioner.

Purse Prime

A few weeks ago, I attended Purse Prime’s Private Bag Spa Session, and here’s what I took home with me:

Bag holder, dust bag and hand sanitizer - Purse Prime
Hand Sanitizer, Bag Holder, Dust Bag, Bag Care Guides and a 10% discount

Honestly, this pocket-sized hand sanitiser is something new to me, albeit I’ve been very aware of its omnipresence as a dangling item on most ladies’ totes. Even my friend M has one, but I’ve never jumped into the bandwagon. Perhaps, it doesn’t hurt to bring one this time around in lieu of my ol’ bottle of ECHOstore hand sanitiser spray, does it? 😛

I’m happy to get a 10% discount treat. 😀 Hmmm…I’m thinking of getting an Apple Garde Rain & Stain Repellant for my Nike Leather Laptop Bag. It looks like [is] a real mess right now, because of the rain stains.

Silica Gel Pack - Love my Bags
Love My Bags Bag Dehumidifiers

It was so nice of Meya of Love My Bags to hand me this pack of bag dehumidifiers, composed of four 10-gram packs of silica gel. I admit I was guilty of throwing silica gel packs found mostly on bags and shoes as if they weren’t important. Little did I know is that silica gel plays a significant role in keeping leatherwear stench-free. Now, I know better! It also helps prevent unpleasant odour from clothes that are stored inside the cupboard or closet for quite a time.

Bag Cleaners - Purse Prime
Apple Suede & Nubuck Cleaner, Apple Leather Cleaner, Apple Leather Care Conditioner and Esquire Patent and Patina Cleaner (back, not shown)

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without these bag care samples (in 10ml purse bottles) from Apple and Esquire.

Apple Leather Cleaner & Apple Leather Care Conditioner Road Test (more…)




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