The Body Shop Festive at 15 Sale!

The Body Shop 15th Anniversary Sale

The Body Shop is celebrating its 15 years with a big bang on discounts up to 70% off!

I’m a great fan of their lip and cheek stain, and I learnt that it’s on sale at 40% off. 🙂 Plus, if you’re a Love Your Body member, I’m pretty sure you’ve already found out what’s in store for this weekend:

Get one product at a regular price, and get your next product at Php 15 (of equal or lesser value). I believe this is valid on selected makeup items, and is only good this weekend. 🙂 I’mma watch out for another promo come next week. 😉

Review: L’Oreal Revitalift Double Eye Lift

Having received this pretty red box which contains the whole L’oreal Revitalift line, I decided to give my mom a bottle of L’Oreal Revitalift Double Lifting for the face. I’m glad that my mom lovees the product, and even swears by it! Her face has become more supple and radiant in the course of finishing the whole bottle. Now, she’s even asking me to get her another bottle soon. Looks like someone knows what exactly to give her mom this Christmas! ;)

L'Oreal Revitalift Double Eyelift

On the other hand, I handed the other bottle, L’Oreal Revitalift Double Eye Lift, to my officemate who’s in her mid 20′s and is ardently in search of a perfect eye product to address her woes. Here’s a short review (or rather a testimonial[!]) by E:

Sagging bags, dark circles, horrendous crow’s feet—yes, my eyes were a miserable pair some four months back. Those were the days of late work nights and stress-filled, traffic-jammed afternoons. I was so dazed and spaced-out that I failed to notice my peepers practically screaming “save us!!” And so, there came Roanne, my officemate, who offered salvation in a nifty bottle of L’Oreal Double Eye Lift from L’Oreal’s Revitalift line. Totally exuberant from getting something for free, I tried the product out as soon as I got home. Lo and behold! The cute, red-toned bottle serves you 2 variations of their “eye saving” liquids in separate, easy-pump cartridges! The left pump gives you a milky-white cream that glides smoothly under your eye, while the right pump offers you a generous heap of cool-to-touch, transparent-reddish gel for your upper eyelid. It was so convenient, you can even apply make-up over the cream/gel! Chalk one up for L’Oreal! So after a week of daily application, I noticed immediately how my eyes lightened up. It was like they were given a bit of lift, and some of the revolting crow’s feet vanished. A month more of use and my eyes were smiling from their sockets! What more can a stressed and uber-haggard computer geek/web-developer/web designer/graphic artist ask for?

I’m super glad that she also loves it, and finds it effective as well! I recently just turned 25, and it’s high time for me to start taking care of my skin from daily aggressors which cause premature aging. Oh my, I can’t believe that time flies so fast! And so, I consider L’Oreal Revitalift to be one of my top choices when it comes to anti-aging skin care regimen. But of course, nothing beats daily sunblock application for starters. ;)

Kiehl’s 3rd Anniversary Sale!

Kiehl’s, one of my favourite brands, is gonna have its anniversary sale this weekend! 😀

Get 15% off on ALL products. Just drop by at the Kiehl’s boutique in Greenbelt 5 this October 23-24. 🙂 Unfortunately, I’m not sure if I can make it though (y’know, familial obligations first). 🙁 But nevertheless, you’re gonna get a chance to grab your favourite Kiehl’s product at a much lower price. Snacks will also be provided. 😉

Kiehl's 3rd Anniversary Sale in the Philippines




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