Phoebe Philo is really back to Fashion Bizness with her first Celine show.

Former Chloe designer Phoebe Philo is back on fashion track as the newest fashion sage of Celine. Her three-year absence was due to familial obligations, as she became a full-time hands on mom to her children.

Now that she’s back, except something more of a Celine reinvention from this svelte designer, pulling off a fresh, cool vibe, or even much better than what she did during her stint on her former fashion house.

Finally, after two years (she’s hired back in Sept 08), Phoebe Philo finally had her first show sought during the recent Paris Fashion Week–all with an elegant ready-to-wear sportswear collection for Spring/Summer 2010.

Check out some of Celine’s exquisite pieces next season: (all images from

Celine Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2010

Celine RTW Spring-Summer 2010 Fashion Week

Cool Army Military Jacket + Black Leather Skirt + Chunky Nude Strappies = Neat yet Ferociously Chic at Large!

Celine RTW Spring-Summer 2010 Fashion Week

This Black waffle dress with a bow-like tie upfront brings a texturised femme vibe that’s still so Celine.

Celine RTW Spring-Summer 2010 Fashion Week.

A fabulous display of nude military jacket with playful cuts paired with ochre leather shorts and chunky shoes is my current favorito. Much to having a more experimental garb this Summer. 😉

Celine RTW Spring-Summer 2010 Fashion Week

Ultimate chicness and sophistication is a must in the house of Celine, particularly with this black and white ensemble.

Celine RTW Spring-Summer 2010 Fashion Week5 by you.

Perfect workable wear, it is. Loving the loose trousers with black leather hems on the side. Consider white collarless top with a bell-like flair on the sleeves a timeless piece.

See the rest of the runway report here.

What does Filippa Hamilton, RL & Photoshop Disasters have in common?

The connection is pretty obvious between model Filippa Hamilton and Ralph Lauren, but what does it have something to do with Photoshop Disasters to make it more controversial?

Filippa Hamilton

*Filippa Hamilton*

Controversy #1: Filippa Fired for being “Fat”

Filippa Hamilton, the stunning Swedish-French model gracing Ralph Lauren Ads since 2002, has been fired all because she is FAT. According to her interview in Today’s Show, “They said that I couldn’t fit in their clothes anymore.”

Polo Ralph Lauren, on the contrary, issued a statement on NY Daily News saying Filippa is a “beautiful and healthy” woman but their relationship ended “as a result of her inability to meet the obligations under her contract [with us].”

If you watched the interview here, she doesn’t look so bad at all, not even chubby at least! At 5-foot-8 and 120 pounds, her body mass index is close to normal-underweight level which makes me think, “does Ralph Lauren Blue Label Collection carry only doll clothes?” Hmmm.. perhaps my barbie doll could fit into one of their tees.

Controversy #2: Disastrous Photoshop’ped Ralph Lauren Ad Leaked

Filippa Hamilton Ralph Lauren Photoshop DisasterBut the real “ire” starts here. Filippa wasn’t really mad that she got axed by whom she considered her second family. It was this ridiculously photoshopped image of the model that appeared only in Japan that caused quite a stir, as it was featured on Photoshop Disasters. The issue was certainly blown out of proportion when RL lawyers tried to sue PD and another website for copyright infringement. Gone were the company’s threats and the motion to pull out the image online, and so the plethora of media that jumped on the story’s bandwagon.

Later, the company issued an apology. “The image in question was mistakenly released and used in a department store in Japan and was not the approved image which ran in the U.S. We take full responsibility. This error has absolutely no connection to our relationship with Filippa Hamilton.”

On the other hand, Filippa thinks that they [RL] owe American women a big apology. She’s very proud of what she looks like, and that a role model should look healthy.

More Photoshop Madness

Katrina Halili Photoshop Disaster - Mega Magazine

Seems like my tip has been published only recently, featuring Mega Magazine‘s photoshop “mishap” particularly on Katrina Halili’s hands (who was the cover girl for that month). Okay, not that I have no hidden grudge on Mega. 😛 I really find it absurd and unnecessary to make her taller and slimmer, other than airbrushing her to pore-fection. The end-result is always unrealistic!




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