The “Very” Best of Cocktail Dresses

Let’s take a quick break from PFW Holiday 2011 reviews as we bring you this special feature. 🙂

FCUK French Connection Bex Beaded Dress - Very UK
French Connection Bex Beaded Dress – £135.00

There are many different styles of dresses. We’ve all seen the floaty maxi dresses, the pretty summer dresses and the long, sweeping evening gowns, and we’ve all heard of a cocktail dress; but what exactly is it?

Well no doubt you’ve all seen the famous Pretty Woman scene where Julia Roberts goes shopping for a cocktail dress and comes back with an exquisite red dress. But the idea of exactly what a cocktail dress is has changed over time, so let’s take a quick look at what a cocktail dress is and its history.

The length of a cocktail dress today varies—it can be a short, glitzy dress that’s perfect for the dance floor or a longer, 50s style dress that you’d wear to a wedding or event. Previously cocktail dresses have been longer, either ‘tea length’ where the dress falls to just above the ankle or ‘ballerina’ length, where the dress falls to the ankle. Anything longer is generally considered to fall into the evening gown category.

Cocktail gowns in the mid-20th century were determined by the fullness of the skirts—the more sumptuous, the better. The fullness of the skirt made the dresses suitable for balls and other black-tie events.

The term ‘cocktail dress’ was coined by Christian Dior, who used it to describe his range of early evening wear, way back in the 1940s, so cocktail dresses have been around for a while, and as you might expect they are a wardrobe staple for women everywhere.

Morgan De Toi ruch detail dress - Very UK
Morgan De Toi ruch detail dress – £75.00

Today, cocktail dresses can mean a number of things—they are generally determined by a fitted, formal style that can vary in length. Cocktail dresses don’t tend to be as formal as they once were, and shorter styles are popular for women going on nights out or to parties and are often referred to as prom style dresses rather than cocktail dresses. You can find a great range of them online if you visit and you’ll find the perfect cocktail dress to suit you! They carry brands such as Miss Sixty, Pepe Jeans, Morgan De Toi, French Connection, among others.

This post is in association with our friends at Very UK.

Spring Trend Report: Abstract & Linear Patterns

Now that spring’s fast approaching, be sure to have all your colorful patterns ready! Give yourself a fresh-looking vibe by donning an iridescent garb, and you’ll surely pop up from rest of the crowd whose fashion sense was left in winter not-so-wonderland anymore. Yet, you don’t hafta keep your multicolored abstract pattern dresses from fall in your closet, ‘coz they’re still as “hot” as new come this season.

Of course, when it comes to multicolored and/or multi-printed frocks, it’s best to keep the rest simple. Lay off piling too much accessories! 🙂 Or, go pick something which hue is pretty much close to your garb, so that it won’t go overboard with the rest of your ensemble.

Here’s some of my favorite picks from the runway:

Balenciaga Spring 2010 Abstract Patterns

This hot skinny pants from Balenciaga is one of my favorites, as the figure-hugging canvass is abstractly painted with an effusion of lines and patterns making such piece a masterpiece. Paired with a simple, basic black  sleeveless top with linear yellow trimmings and slides, you got yourself an alluring spring break that’ll melt the ice away!

Dries van Noten 2010 Abstract Patterns

Dries van Noten shows an opulent mix of patterns, whilst keeping all things simple Monochromatic wraparound long sleeved top is paired with multi-printed blue ankle pants. Finish off with black and white pumps and shades to give spring a retro vibe.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 Abstract Patterns

This Marc by Marc Jacobs sunny yellow belted ensemble with blue and black linear patterns brightens and revivifies this lolita.

Carolina Herrera Spring 2010 Abstract Patterns

All things are matching with this Carolina Herrera multicolored printed ensemble. Best should you prefer something that’s structured and spic and span in a most likely neutral hue.

Finally, A Pair of Rubber Shoes!

Nike Training Shoes - 2010 All The Vanity Blog

I haven’t had a nice pair of rubber shoes for ages. I had a couple or three before during my college years, but disposed them already (well, I actually handed down one to my younger cousin).

Ever since I vowed myself to exercise, I started shopping for sportswear. The first thing that came to my mind was getting a new pair of rubber shoes. Some of my friends love jogging, so I might as well join them on the fun run. And so, without further ado, I got this cutesy pair of Nike Training Shoes after months of pondering whether to get one or not!

Nike Training Shoes - 2010 All The Vanity Blog

Nike Training Shoes in Grey and Pink

Nike Training Shoes - 2010 All The Vanity Blog

I opted getting one with a neutral hue, since it’s easier to pair it with other colors. 😛 I’m not really much of a rubber shoe person to boot. 😛

Right now, I’m also practicing Bikram Yoga. I love Nike dri-FIT ‘coz it’s really, really comfortable even if you sweat buckets. It lets your body breathe, and keeps it cool even under warm temperatures. And so, I recently got 2 pairs of Nike dri-FIT pants, in addition to a pair of pants and top stashed inside my closet.





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