Merrell Barefoot

I considered running as my new everyday sport that I even bought a pair of trainers and running clothes just to get me started, but to no avail (which isn’t much of a surprise :P). I ended up doing Bikram Yoga for a couple of months, which was a tedious yet worthwhile experience!

Last Friday, I went to Merrell Barefoot launch, since barefoot running piqued my curiosity.

Merrell Barefoot Launch
Merrell Barefoot unveiled at Market! Market (sorry using a crappy mobile device since I left my cam at home :P)

Merrell Barefoot Launch - Shoes up close
Up-close shot on the shoes

So what’s all the fuss about barefoot running? Well, it’s the same thing as your old textbook says so about running, except that runners don minimalist “barely there” shoes or nothing at all! Barefoot shoes should be lightweight yet protective enough to give wearers a better feel of the terrain and surroundings whilst improving balance and flexibility. You can go to Barefoot Running Philippines Facebook page for more info.

Merrell partnered with Vibram® to produce the Barefoot Collection especially made for outdoor activity. The shoes are really lightweight and flexible yet stylish. It claims to strengthen the feet and legs, realigns poster and stimulates the senses.

This new footwear style helps create a more natural stride because it encourages a forward momentum and mid-foot landing. It also provides a lower impact and an aligned and effortless gait. The Merrell Barefoot Collection is designed to stimulate different muscles, strengthen the core, and improve agility.  – Merrell

Merrell Barefoot Collection is available for both men and women.


Trail Glove


Merrell Barefoot Men's - Trail Glove in Smoke & Yellow

Merrell Barefoot Men's - Trail Glove in Black & Lava
Black/Lava Red (more…)

Current Craving: Melissa Shoes!

Craving #1: Melissa Ultragirl + Alexandre Herchcovitch

Melissa Shoes - Ultragirl + Alexandre Herchcovitch

I felt like salivating upon seeing this majestic Melissa Ultragirl flats in purple, which pretty much spells like an “apparition”! I know, I shouldn’t be craving like this when my pairs of Aldos are collecting cobwebs in their boxes. LOL :D

Melissa recently partnered up with Brazilian fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch to design this lovely printed pair of the former’s Ultragirl flat shoes. I seriously don’t know Mr. Herchcovitch, until I checked out this site. Going back, what I love about these shoes is their lovely geometric patterns as well as the mixing and matching of colours with it. I’m thinking of getting them in purple, although they’re also available in blue which is much easier to pair up with an outfit. More on this link.

Craving #2: Melissa Adana + Little Prince

Melissa Shoes - Adana + Little Prince

Dear Lord, save me from this madness! I think this one has been available for quite a while, but the always late-in-the-news me has just recently found it. Who doesn’t know this quaint story penned by Antoine de Saint-Exupery? :) Anyhoos, I’m loving them in red, which reminds me of Dorothy and her pair of ruby red slippers—well, in a much simpler and less scintillating piece. ;) On the other hand, I also want the black one. A pair costs Php 3,395.00 at Melissa’s online store, in which my pocket says, “you can only get one!”. :(

So here I am, still befuddled on what to get between the 2 (or 3) this Christmas. Maybe get both (all)? We’ll see! :D

Stashed: Aldo Oxford-Style Heeled Shoes.

Remember the ALDO sale I posted last month? Well, here’s what I got @ 50% off:

Side View:

Aldo Oxford-Style Stacked Heeled Shoes

Top View:

Aldo Oxford-Style Stacked Heeled Shoes

It’s a funky twist to the quaint, so-last-season oxford heels in shades of brown. I immediately fell in love with this pair the moment I laid my eyes upon it. I’m digging the vintage feel of these leather shoes. In addition, the stacked heels will help me keep from falling, since I’m not a “high-heel” person. :p

Sale Price: around 2,000 Php (originally 4,000+ Php)




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