The Body Shop Festive at 15 Sale!

The Body Shop 15th Anniversary Sale

The Body Shop is celebrating its 15 years with a big bang on discounts up to 70% off!

I’m a great fan of their lip and cheek stain, and I learnt that it’s on sale at 40% off. 🙂 Plus, if you’re a Love Your Body member, I’m pretty sure you’ve already found out what’s in store for this weekend:

Get one product at a regular price, and get your next product at Php 15 (of equal or lesser value). I believe this is valid on selected makeup items, and is only good this weekend. 🙂 I’mma watch out for another promo come next week. 😉

Human Nature Cares.

Butterfly Beauty Pouch - Human Nature

The first time I’ve heard about Human Nature was from a former colleague of mine who apparently knew someone who sells them. I, being the curious cat as always, tried googling for a website. Gladly, they have one. 🙂 As soon as I found out that they’re one of the local organic products available in the market, I became much more interested.

Only recently, I’ve become more concerned about the environment that I’d rather prefer owning all-natural, organic products–from food and dietary supplements to bug sprays and cleaning agents. I usually frequent Healthy Options in search for these things. However, I couldn’t afford to do groceries for organic meat and veggies on a regular basis nor grab organic cleaning agents or skincare products randomly, since they all tend to be really expensive. I’m so glad that EchoStore came to life as it put up its branches in Podium and Serendra, where can I easily purchase a local organic product without worrying about costing an arm and a leg. Human Nature is one of them. 🙂

There’s always a thought, or rather a stigma, that organic products carry a hefty price tag. That’s why, it never fails to surprise me that local organic products such as Human Nature are super affordable! But, being affordable doesn’t mean being “substandard”, as Human Nature proudly belts BFAD accreditation, amongst others.

Even my mom, who is not really into expensive brands (except if I give her one :P), has started hoarding their products that I lost track already as to how many she possesses!

That’s why I’m really glad and honoured to be invited by them last week, as I got to know the brand up-close and personal. 🙂 I really tried catching up, but unfortunately the presentation was halfway done when I arrived. 🙁 But, thank God, coz I got all the information I need in a CD! 😀

Human Nature Blogger’s Event in Pictures

Reby Baldoz, Marketing & PR Executive of Human Nature

Luckily, I still caught Reby discussing how Human Nature All-Natural Deodorant can cut your risk of getting breast cancer.

A Lot of Human Nature Skin Care, Body Care and Hair Care Products

A lot of Human Nature skin care, body care and hair care products

Love Minerals Cosmetics - Human Nature

Human Nature’s cosmetics line: Love Minerals. This will soon be available in Beauty Bar. 😉

Love Minerals Passion Fruit Hydrating Mineral Lipstick - Human Nature

Definitely fall in love on these yummy lipsticks!

Human Nature Products

Stashed: Butterfly Beauty Pouch (Php 99), a couple of Love Minerals Passion Fruit Hydrating Mineral Lipsticks (Php 225 each), Feminine Wash (Php 59.75/50 ml) and Women’s Deo (Php 84.75/50ml). I personally love their feminine wash, and have been using it for so long already.

About Human Nature

You can read their story here. (more…)

Something New: Kerastase Chroma Sensitive Cleansing Balm.

Kerastase Chroma Sensitive

I was extremely excited as soon as it arrived at my very doorstep (coz this is the first package that did not require me to ask and pick it up from the guard LOL). Who wouldn’t be? It’s Kerastase after all–one of the best hair care brands I’ve ever tried! 😀

I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, so I took a quick snap of it as soon as I brought it with me to my room. Much to my surprise, I got my dream product inside!

Kerastase Chroma Sensitive

Ta-dah! Kerastase Chroma Sensitive Cleansing Balm 😀

I’ve been searching for the “right” product as soon as I got my hair coloured and highlighted a month ago. My old hair colour turned out to be a disaster, so I asked for Basement Salon‘s hairstylist, Roli Paraoan, to help me with my hair woes. I’m so glad that he did a great job with my hair colour, that’s why I’ve been trying my very best to preserve its pristine condition. 😛

So I guess, here’s my answer. I’m destined to be with Kerastase Chroma Sensitive. It has hair cleansing and colour preserving properties that can be used alternatively with my everyday shampoo (+ masque).  It’s sulfate, paraben and silicone free, which makes it one of the gentlest products in the Kerastase line.

Here’s what it says about the product: (more…)




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