Big MUJI plastic bag and more…

I had another dose of MUJI in my system, or in this case, in my bedroom. I’ve been meaning to add some shelf organisers in my room in order to control my ever-growing clutter of things and whatnots. I wasn’t supposed to post it here, but I just can’t help but be fascinated with this gargantuan plastic bag. LOL!

MUJI Plastic Bag
So big, I think it could fit a kid inside. Hmm…criminal minds think alike! He-he. Kidding!

Anyhoos, this is what I got. It’s supposed to function as a shoe organiser shelf trolley, but I later had a change of heart and used it as an organiser for my clutterific toiletries. I’m thinking of getting another one, and utilise it as it should—a shoe organiser nonetheless. But, I still have lots of things to de-clutter, and I’m thinking of getting a “shoe cabinet” instead.

MUJI Organiser Trolley
Yea, my room is half-empty. I like to keep it neat. 😛

PS: MUJI’s PP Make Boxes have really made things easier for me to store in my makeup and other press items for review. I also got the largest one with handles that I used as a magazine-slash-document stand instead. Ha-ha. I know I’m very popular for deviating the norm. 😛




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