Celebrity Nails at Home.

Celebrity Nails

This time, I decided to get nail service done at home, instead of going to this certain nail salon in the mall I frequent to. The reason is: I had a bad experience with one of their technicians. I would’ve complained about it, but I thought that maybe it was just also a rough day for the technician since I’d been eavesdropping about the technician’s “situation” then. But then again, what the heck? She should not have projected her displeasure to the customer (which was me). So there, maybe I’ll come back sometime soon to give the nail salon a second chance. If it still fails my expectations, I’m going to complain na talaga.

Going back, I was googling for a nail salon that does home service when stumbled upon Celebrity Nails. I found their spa packages quite attractive, so I didn’t hesitate to hit their digits and give them a call. I chose the Hotnails Package (PHP 500), which is a combination of manicure and spa pedicure.

Come hours later, the nail technician arrived 15 minutes earlier than expected. She kinda shocked me with her huge luggage tinged in pink. She also held a folded portable chair in one hand. I accompanied her to my room, where she nicely set up all the stuff she brought with her.

Setup - Celebrity Nails
They bring “the spa” to your home. Hee-hee! On a not-so related note, I’m in dire need of a platform bed for my Japanese-inspired room. ?

Spa Products - Celebrity Nails Spa products

I chatted with the technician during the entire session, in which she obliged (hehe). She told me that all of their spa products (of course, with the exception of the equipment and the nail polishes) are made by the owner, who’s a certified dermatologist, and are hypoallergenic. I was interested in purchasing their spa products. Unfortunately, they are exclusive for Celebrity Nails use only, and are not available for sale. =(

I resolved not to have my hands painted since I’m quite hands-on with household chores. I’d still end up with my nail polish chipped, no matter how great the polish is. On the other hand, I chose OPI in Up Front and Personal (sheer champagne gold shimmer) for my toe nails.

OPI in Up close and personal - Celebrity Nails Unfortunately, those are my feet. LOL!

To sum up, I had a very pleasant experience. The spa pedicure was love. I’m thinking of a repeat soon. I’m curious to try their paraffin treatment next time, not to mention somebody’s getting a 30-minute back and shoulder massage for free! ?

Free Massage - Celebrity Nails

I was also told by the technician that they have actual celebrity clients in the likes of Vicky Belo, Saab Magalona, etc. Before, it used to be just a brand name. Now, it’s a reality. ? However, I must firmly stress out that I’m in no way a celebrity. Indeed, their service is open for public consumption. ?

In addition to nail services, they also have body, hair and facial spa packages available.

For more info, visit www.celebritynailssalon.com. I find their rates very affordable. Their spa party packages are something to consider. ?

For bookings, it is highly encouraged to book five hours before your planned appointment to ensure blocked time slots for your pamper sessions.

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Something New: Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm

Smith's Lip Balm in Minted Rose

I’m so happy that finally got this after, well, many years of searching. I couldn’t find it anymore in the Philippines, so when I saw it sitting prettily on the counter, I immediately grabbed ahold of it without hesitation.

Well, this is not really something new, as the old formulation (Rosebud Salve) dates you back to 1895. I’m so interested in getting Smith’s Rosebud Salve because of its versatile properties.

It’s not just your ordinary lip balm. It claims to help ease burns (sunburn and chemical burns on the scalp), itchiness, dryness and other skin irritations (such as wind burn, insect bits and zits). It can also help you relieve hemorrhoids diaper rash psoriasis and alopecia. Not only that, it also works as a spa-like treatment (for softer skin), eye makeup remover, cuticle softener and frizz fighter.

I got mine in Minted Rose instead of the original formula (by mistake, but doesn’t matter anyhow 😛 ). I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m expecting it to be cool and minty, which reminds me of my then Agent Provocateur Lip Balm.

Price is at 15 SGD. You can get it at Sephora in ION Orchard, Orchard Road, Singapore. You can visit this page for to check out the product raves. 🙂

The Body Shop LYB Payday Weekend Sale!

For all of you Love Your Body members out there (including moi[!]), The Body Shop is having another super sale this weekend, from July 15-18, 2010! Buy one at a regular price, and get a second product at half the price! 😉

Offer is exclusive to Philippine stores only.

The Body Shop Love Your Body Payday Weekend Sale - July 2010




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