Finally, A Pair of Rubber Shoes!

Nike Training Shoes - 2010 All The Vanity Blog

I haven’t had a nice pair of rubber shoes for ages. I had a couple or three before during my college years, but disposed them already (well, I actually handed down one to my younger cousin).

Ever since I vowed myself to exercise, I started shopping for sportswear. The first thing that came to my mind was getting a new pair of rubber shoes. Some of my friends love jogging, so I might as well join them on the fun run. And so, without further ado, I got this cutesy pair of Nike Training Shoes after months of pondering whether to get one or not!

Nike Training Shoes - 2010 All The Vanity Blog

Nike Training Shoes in Grey and Pink

Nike Training Shoes - 2010 All The Vanity Blog

I opted getting one with a neutral hue, since it’s easier to pair it with other colors. 😛 I’m not really much of a rubber shoe person to boot. 😛

Right now, I’m also practicing Bikram Yoga. I love Nike dri-FIT ‘coz it’s really, really comfortable even if you sweat buckets. It lets your body breathe, and keeps it cool even under warm temperatures. And so, I recently got 2 pairs of Nike dri-FIT pants, in addition to a pair of pants and top stashed inside my closet.

Nike dri-FIT Training pants - 2010 All the Vanity

On the other hand, I also got myself some Nike dri-FIT socks to keep my footsies dry after hours of jogging. 🙂

4 responses to “Finally, A Pair of Rubber Shoes!”

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  2. Nice! This will give you more motivation to exercise! I love exercising with fabulous and comfortable gym clothing!

  3. Indeed. Dri-Fit clothing makes me less exhausted amidst withstanding the oh-so-heated room. 🙂

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