Tony Moly Disco Diva Makeup Event.

Tony Moly Disco Diva Makeup Event

Sometime last October, Tony Moly Philippines held a makeup event, which I was fortunate to attend. I remember being sick at that time, but braced the under-the-weather feeling and went still.

Despite coming in very late, I was able to catch a glimpse on the event highlights:

Tony Moly’s Korean makeup artists canada goose down bomber jacket with hood canada goose authentic retailers, Yoon Eun Mi andΒ  Cha Duhee, did a makeup demonstration using the brand’s latest products. Dubbed as Disco Diva, I’m sure you already have a clue on what type of look they did.

Tony Moly Disco Diva Makeup Event
Korean Makeup Artists Yoon Eun Mi and Cha Du Hee with their models.

‘Twas really interesting to know how a nighttime, party-ready makeup can still look fresh and effortless. I guess, Koreans have a knack for keeping things simple, as evident on their TV Dramas where celebrities pull off a makeup-no makeup look.Β  Blame their genetically flawless, pore-less skins for it.

To add, the model on the left was just wearing BB cream as base, which fit her ‘coz she really has nice skin. Pardon for the bad lighting. I still have yet to invest on a good external flash.

Tony Moly Disco Diva Makeup Event

Look closely.

Tony Moly Disco Diva Makeup Event

*Frustration ensues* πŸ˜€

Some of the newest products introduced were the Backstage Self Smoky Eye Collection (duo-eyeshadow palette with gel eyeliner), Floria Bloom Ball Busher, and IntenseRepair Live Snail BB Cream.

Tony Moly Disco Diva Makeup Event
One of the hosts holding the Backstage Self Smoky Eye Collection



Clean Perfume

I just had to steal my former office M-W-F’s signature scent. I wasn’t really adventurous with CLEAN variants, as I already love the original one. But, hers also caught my heart’s, or rather, my nose’s desire.

CLEAN Eau de Parfum is a light, breezy concoction of various fruity-floral notes namely litsea cubeba, orange, sweet lime canada goose down women canada goose 2015 collection, pink grapefruit, passion lily, rose geranium, and white musk. What I love about it is that it stays and lingers for a while without being overpowering. To me it’s a perfect scent for the young and feminine, but that does not exclude the “young at heart”. πŸ˜›

A friend of mine has been a fan of the Shower Fresh variant. One time, I asked for a spritz for some reason I couldn’t remember. She took a bottle from her purse, and handed over to me. To my surprise, it’s CLEAN, only tinged in a shade of blue (or cerulean). I took a whiff,Β  immediately loved it, and spritzed it onto my pulse points.

CLEAN Shower Fresh is a mixture of lemon, mandarin, orange, jasmine, lily of the valley, orange blossom, sheer woods and musk. It has a distinct floral-fruity scent with a hint of musk as base notes. The scent wears off easily, unlike the original variant. Nonetheless, I still love it, being the less feminine version of the former. Think of Davidoff’s Cool Water or D&G Light Blue. πŸ™‚

I’m for fresh-from-the-shower scents, without being too musky, floral or woody. CLEAN has been one of my few favourites, along with Lanvin Eclat d’Arpege. I was happy to score a couple on sale; I got each for 50% off! Oh yes, I was in olfactory heaven.

Price: Php 1,800/ $38 for a 30 ml (1 oz) bottle, but I got them at Php 900 each. πŸ˜€

Me and a Couple of Smashbox Tokidokis

It’s been a couple of months or so, and I remember creating a draft sometime during my idle months about something old and something new.

I finally resolved into posting something in this blog, and prolly my home blog. Been almost two weeks since I moved out from the Philippines to another Asian country…mainly for work.

Anyway, here’s the story of something old.

A few years ago, I was excited to own a Smashbox Tokidoki palette. You know how I love cute packaging, non-realistic doodles and Japanese.

Palette colours - Smashbox Tokidoki Palette in Celebrita

I got Celebrita, which has a berry, a plum and two neutral (b/w) shades.


Skin swatches - Smashbox Tokidoki Palette in Celebrita
With flash

Skin swatches - Smashbox Tokidoki Palette in Celebrita
Without flash

The plum and white colours give off a subtle lustre, whilst the the berry and grey-black colours have a more defined shimmer (but not way too glittery). I often use the neutrals, of course, especially the white one for highlighting. The colour payoff is more of satiny, especially for the grey-black one.I remember using it during Levi’s Roadwear Party.

Given that it was just launched in the Philippines canada goose down retail locations Canada Goose vest sale shop, the price was quite steep. I believe I got it for no less than Php 2,000.

…and now, for something new.

A few months ago, amidst defying boredom, I found myself browsing eBay listings and stumbled upon the other Smashbox Tokidoki palette in Modella up for bids. I didn’t think twice and bade on it. Eventually, I won it along with 2 other palettes from Milani. I was a happy camper indeed!

Modella’s cutesy packaging

The colours weren’t interesting at first sight, maybe because I’m biased to girly pink and plums :-P. Having swiped them onto my skin (as swatches), I took that impression back and started to appreciate them. πŸ™‚ (more…)




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