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Hi there, gorgeous! It’s been a while since I blogged, but I’ll be back pretty soon after my imminent sojourn in Laos for a week. Woo-hoo, I’m off to a new adventure (again)! Anyhoo, here’s a post from our friends at Lensway. 🙂

From the ancient Egyptians painting their faces with deadly lead and mercury, to Iron Age Celts turning themselves blue with woad, people have been trying to enhance the way they look for around six thousand years. Humans have daubed their faces and their bodies with all sorts of chemicals, tattooed their skin and inflicted gravity defying styles on their hair through the ages.

Few people are content with their hair and it’s relatively easy to dye it a new colour, straighten it, add curls and make it shorter or longer. But when it comes to eye colour, there hasn’t been a lot that people could do, until now. means that you no longer need to accept nature’s prescriptions: now, you can select whatever eye colour you prefer. You can choose from a selection of warm and realistic colours that really will make your brown eyes blue or green or amber.

There are four blue shades to choose from. Aquatic Allure is a breezy bright blue which is reminiscent of turquoise oceans and will leave you feeling optimistic and carefree. Blue n’ Brazen is a deep blue which conjures up cornflowers, guaranteed to make you feel summery. Violet Venom is a piercing blue with shades of sweet violet to make people wonder just how bluehost中国 innocent you really are. Grey Storm is a pale, silvery blue which will contribute to a mysterious look. You can also choose from two lovely brown shades. Brown Bombshell is a rich, deep brown that will make your eyes sparkle with warmth. Amber Ambition is alive with jewel tones that will make you vibrant. Finally, Green Envy is a bewitching emerald that will add to your allure.

It’s entirely up to you how dramatically you want to change your image. You might just want to change your look very subtly by moving to a different shade of your existing eye colour. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you might want to really go for it with a whole new look. Imagine your friends’ faces when you rock up to your big night out with a dazzling new image.

These lenses are available either with or without prescription, so even if you have enviably perfect eyesight, you can still join the fun and change your image. You can choose from weekly disposable or monthly contact lenses.

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