Stashed: Mango Mini Snakeskin Wallet.

There’s truth to the adage that good things come in small packages. And, I must admit that I’m fond of collecting these itsy-bitsy pieces–from small bags and clutches to mini-sized coin purses and wallets. Recently, I’ve just got two lovely pieces in addition to my growing collection. One of which is this Mini Snakeskin Wallet I got from Mango.

Mango Mini Wallet

When I first saw this whilst brushing along other wallets and purses, I immediately fell in love with it! I consider this a mini male-version of  bulky ladylike wallets around, since most male wallets I’ve come across with are really compact and small.

What sets this wallet apart from the quaint ones is its faux snakeskin leather in cream color which utterly spells fierce, yet the plain tinge keeps it simple sans losing the chic factor.

It’s also designed as a typical feminine wallet with dual flap button closure on opposite sides. It has a built-in card slot inside and a coin slot at the back in addition.

Coin Slot

Mango Mini Wallet

Card & Bill Slot

Mango Mini Wallet

Since the wallet’s really small, it could only fit at least one card inside the slot attached. Also, my peso bills can hardly fit inside the bill slot, so I hafta fold them in half in order to insert them fully. However, I believe the euro bills can fit perfectly, given their much smaller size. 😉

On the other hand, I don’t think I can substitute this for my bigger everyday wallet, especially since I have a lot of cards (IDs, ATMs, credit cards, membership cards, etc) I need to bring with me everyday. But I guess, this wallet is perfect for special occasions that require me to bring a less bulky tote. 🙂

Price: around Php 750

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