Earth day & Human Nature

Human Nature Balik Bote Bigay Buhay

Geez, it almost slipped into my mind that yesterday was Earth day! This reminds me of Human Nature’s Balik Bote, Bigay Buhay program. For those of you who haven’t heard about Human Nature yet, you can check this previous post dedicated to it.

For those of you who aren’t too sure about what to do with recyclable bottles and are worried with the bottle pile-up, feel free to bring your empty bottles to the Human Nature head office located along Commonwealth or to any of the Human Nature branches all over the country where all the bottles returned will be sold to help support nearby GK communities. This is all part of its Balik Bote, Bigay Buhay program.

In addition, you can also participate on their Bring Your Own Bag Wednesdays. When shopping, simply bring your reusable bag in lieu of utilising plastic bags at the counter. This can save you the trouble of throwing another trash. It can also help reduce land pollution in the long run, as plastics take some time to decompose completely.

Human Nature Cares.

Butterfly Beauty Pouch - Human Nature

The first time I’ve heard about Human Nature was from a former colleague of mine who apparently knew someone who sells them. I, being the curious cat as always, tried googling for a website. Gladly, they have one. 🙂 As soon as I found out that they’re one of the local organic products available in the market, I became much more interested.

Only recently, I’ve become more concerned about the environment that I’d rather prefer owning all-natural, organic products–from food and dietary supplements to bug sprays and cleaning agents. I usually frequent Healthy Options in search for these things. However, I couldn’t afford to do groceries for organic meat and veggies on a regular basis nor grab organic cleaning agents or skincare products randomly, since they all tend to be really expensive. I’m so glad that EchoStore came to life as it put up its branches in Podium and Serendra, where can I easily purchase a local organic product without worrying about costing an arm and a leg. Human Nature is one of them. 🙂

There’s always a thought, or rather a stigma, that organic products carry a hefty price tag. That’s why, it never fails to surprise me that local organic products such as Human Nature are super affordable! But, being affordable doesn’t mean being “substandard”, as Human Nature proudly belts BFAD accreditation, amongst others.

Even my mom, who is not really into expensive brands (except if I give her one :P), has started hoarding their products that I lost track already as to how many she possesses!

That’s why I’m really glad and honoured to be invited by them last week, as I got to know the brand up-close and personal. 🙂 I really tried catching up, but unfortunately the presentation was halfway done when I arrived. 🙁 But, thank God, coz I got all the information I need in a CD! 😀

Human Nature Blogger’s Event in Pictures

Reby Baldoz, Marketing & PR Executive of Human Nature

Luckily, I still caught Reby discussing how Human Nature All-Natural Deodorant can cut your risk of getting breast cancer.

A Lot of Human Nature Skin Care, Body Care and Hair Care Products

A lot of Human Nature skin care, body care and hair care products

Love Minerals Cosmetics - Human Nature

Human Nature’s cosmetics line: Love Minerals. This will soon be available in Beauty Bar. 😉

Love Minerals Passion Fruit Hydrating Mineral Lipstick - Human Nature

Definitely fall in love on these yummy lipsticks!

Human Nature Products

Stashed: Butterfly Beauty Pouch (Php 99), a couple of Love Minerals Passion Fruit Hydrating Mineral Lipsticks (Php 225 each), Feminine Wash (Php 59.75/50 ml) and Women’s Deo (Php 84.75/50ml). I personally love their feminine wash, and have been using it for so long already.

About Human Nature

You can read their story here. (more…)

5 Beauty Products from Asia that You Need to Take Heed.

Set an oriental vibe with these interesting beauty products found in the East. Also, get to know more about the latest Asian makeup craze as well as organic, all-natural skin care products that are made from the purest and most essential ingredients! 🙂

The Philippines

Human Nature Avocado and Gugo Bark Natural Hair Mask

Human Nature Avocado and Gugo Bark Natural Hair Mask – Treat your locks once in a while with this strengthening and moisturizing hair masque from Human Nature. Made from avocado and gugo bark, your hair will surely be soft and manageable while reducing hair fall and breakage with regular use. Best of all, it’s guaranteed organic and chemical-free at a very reasonable price.

Price: Unavailable (inquire at


Panpuri Thai Original Herbal Hot Compress

Panpuri Thai Original Herbal Hot Compress – After a long day’s work, nothing beats a total rejuvenating pampering session whilst sitting in the comforts of your own home with this best-selling Aromatherapy Hot Compress from Panpuri. This Thai Original Herbal Hot Compress is infused with a mix of exotic ingredients such as lemongrass, turmeric, leech lime and tamarind, which turns into an effective muscle soother and skin enhancer when sprinkled with water and steamed.

Price: 16.50 in Amazon


Chidoriya Secret de Maiko Organic Facial Cream

Chidoriya Secret de Maiko Organic Facial Cream – If you’re not that much open into slathering the brand’s infamous beauty product into your face, then this one is a much better, dropping-free option. 😉 Inspired by the Maiko’s original make-up base, this Shea butter-based facial cream is combined with hand-cold pressed 100% pure Japanese camellia oil, organic rose hip seed oil and pure essential oils of rosewood & geranium. Albeit it’s recommended for all skin types, this better suits those with dry skin. It thoroughly moisturizes and conditions sun damaged, snow-burnt and wind-burnt skin, leaving it smooth and well-hydrated. Plus, its soothing aroma creates an atmosphere of Maiko girls in Kyoto, which is why this cream can also be used in relaxing facial massages.

Price: $29.99 in Chidoriya Yahoo! Store


Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42  PA++

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42  PA++ – Korea in the beauty world is best known for BB or Blemish Balm creams that sell like hotcakes in Asia. This BB Cream from Missha in particular is perfect for all skin types, as it lightens the skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes, and prevents skin aging with its whitening and anti-wrinkle properties. Unlike other BB Creams, a friend of mine swears that it doesn’t cause build-up or makes the skin oilier, so those with oily skin types like mine can grab this baby! 😛  Need not to worry about those harmful sun rays (UV rays to be exact) that can damage your skin, as it belts a high dose of  SPF.

Price: $20.99 in Amazon


Adara Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in Green Tea

Adara Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in Green Tea – This Singaporean brand boasts its certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in its purest form. Gathered in the Island of East Sumatra, this hydrating and nourishing beauty oil visibly soothes dry patchy skin,  helping to lock in moisture which is essential in maintaining  softness and smoothness of the skin. Known for its versatility, this also acts as an overnight pimple treatment, as its cleansing ingredient, lauric acid, helps remove deep-seated bacteria, reducing redness and inflammation on the zit. It also aids in the removal of dead skin cells to reveal a fresher, suppler skin layer. Furthermore, it also works as an intensive deep conditioning treatment for the hair and scalp. The refreshing scent of Green Tea invigorates your senses, which makes it perfect either as a massage oil or a bath oil with an aromatherapy burner.

Price: $30 in B-Glowing




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