Garnier, Matrix & Maybelline’s Fab, Fresh, Fun Summer Picnic

Garnier, Matrix & Maybelline's Fab, Fresh, Fun Summer Picnic

A few weeks ago, I had a wonderful time getting all primped and pampered (at long last[!]), thanks to Fab, Fresh, Fun Summer Picnic Event held at The Grove in Rockwell! πŸ™‚

After so many months of taking a blogging hiatus and toiling in my day job, I’ve finally had the chance to relax and de-stress myself, starting off with painting my used-and-abused manos pink! Nail Spa‘s nail tech used Essie nail polish of what it seems to be of natural pink color (failed to get the exact color name) which looks very much neat and simple. πŸ™‚

I’ve always hankered for a big change especially when it comes to my eternally unkempt locks. Finally, my not-so-tiara-worthy crowning glory had undergone some luscious hair treatment using Matrix Sensoria.Care products. The hair spa, coupled with soothing back massage, was my absolute favorite as it instantly softened and untangled my locks while removing the tension away from my back area.Β  I also enjoyed taking a whiff of my hair every now and then, all because of the conditioner’s yummy fruity scent that relaxed my senses. πŸ˜›

Archie of Maybelline once again obliged to do my makeup, giving me an effortless, makeup no-makeup look the way I like it! He simply put some Clear Smooth Face Powder on my face to help nix the extra shine, curled my lashes and applied Volum’ Express Magnum Mascara for that instant vavavoom touch, and painted my pucker with Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Bonbon Pink. I especially love the mascara as it gave my lashes an extra oomph in just a quick swipe!

My friend M whom I tagged along also tried getting a facial from Garnier. I don’t really bring someone along with me when it comes to such events. But being a woman on-the-go that she is, I believe my BFF deserves a breather like this! She told me that it was quite an experience she definitely enjoyed to bits. πŸ™‚

I also got to meet L’Oreal peeps, fellow bloggers, editors from Queue Magazine and Manila Bulletin’s Sense&Style.

More about the event in piccies:


Matrix Sensoria.Care Products

Friend M getting a hair fix courtesy of Antonio-Hairdressing Salon peeps

The Nail Spa (more…)

New : Matrix Opti.Straight

Matrix Opti.Straight Hair Straightening Conditioning System - ModelIt’s been more than a year since I had my hair rebonded. And so, my locks are now starting to get unkempt, in a not-so-good way. It could have been tolerable should I own a Meg Ryan short ‘do, but I have been sporting a long hairdo since college. It’s been a pain in the ass managing one yet again I’ve got no choice (countless brush strokes, countless minutes of deep conditioning, etc), lest I’d end up looking like a smelly hag had I left my hair alone then.

Good thing, I recently discover Matrix, which really seems promising. Though I only tried its hairspray, I’m so amazed that it didn’t leave me reeking with ammonia-like smell at all! I also love its strong hold on my curls. And, I swear that getting one is definitely worth every penny. And speaking of the price, Matrix is surefire friendly on your pocket. πŸ˜‰

Matrix has a straightening treatment called Matix Opti.Straight. It’s a conditioning straightener that promises to give your crowning glory a soft, silky and straight finish sans fly-aways. Hair is manageable and healthy-looking.

It’s Opti.Straight’s Multi-Ionic technology that delivers top-class condition straightening. It’s got customized strengths to optimally enhance any hair type and an Asian Tea Fragrance which neutralizes the ammonia odor and gives you an uplifting aromatic experience even during the treatment itself.-Matrix

Sounds pretty much interesting, eh? πŸ˜‰ I, myself, am giddy to try it out! But I guess, I’m gonna try to give my long locks a new color first, using So.Color Beauty coloring service. Hmm…I’m thinking of going brunette for a change. Maybe, my Frederic Fekkai lusting would put onto hold. xx (more…)

Mission Accomplished at Garnier, Matrix & Maybelline Event

Remember the mission I blogged about? πŸ™‚ Well, here’s a preview on what happened:

First of all, the mission was to be Stunning for a Steal. To make sense, we need to look gorgeous without spending a goldmine! Recession is putting a dent to our pockets and budgets these days, so we need to cut some slack off from (over)buying expensive beauty products without compromising quality. This is where these three fab products come to the picture. πŸ˜‰

Nail Techician doing Nail Art - Nail Spa

*Nail Technician hand-painting my nails*

Whilst waiting for the queue to have my facial first, I decided to bypass the steps and immediately headed to the Nail Spa station, where I had my nail art done. I’ve been a great patron of Nail Spa in Shangri-la Mall since I landed my first job. This is actually my first time to pimp my manos for some nail art fun. I chose something bluish amidst my pink and red ensemble I was wearing then, since I’m a typical blouse and jeans girl–blue denim jeans to be exact. πŸ˜‰

I was surprised to see that they actually hand-painted the nails one-by-one, sans using any stencil. Wow, that’s creativity + talent going on there. The nail art tools she used actually pique my curiosity. She told me those came from US. Hmmm…

*Here’s what my nails look like after. What’s great about it is that it’s still hasn’t chipped off amidst long hours of typing.*

Then, I had a luxe facial using Garnier Light products, which promises to bring a visibly fairer and more radiant skin I can measure. It uses natural products such as pure lemon essence and long dan essence that help remove dullness and effectively diminish dark spots whilst whitening the skin. I indulged myself lying around 20 minutes of uber-relaxing facial–the massage was so relaxing that I felt like dozing off! My once tensed skin felt de-stressed thereafter. What I love more was the smell of Garnier products, they smell really, really good that I want to eat it! πŸ˜›

Lot of Garnier Products

*Lots of Garnier skin care products used for the facial*

After some skin pampering, I headed straight to Matrix booth to have my hair done. The hairstylist asked me how do I usually wear my hair on a typical day. I told her, I just let it alone, silky straight. With a eureka moment from her, she resolved into giving my locks some lovely curls. Okay, another Marimar moment has yet to come! πŸ˜€

I totally love the smell of the hairspray, unlike others that smell like solvent. Surprisingly, it strongly held my locks all day long, even when I tied my hair into a bun going home.


*MUA doing makeup using Maybelline products*

Finally, here comes the makeup! I had my makeup done courtesy of Maybelline. The MUA gave me a natural look, using mostly Maybelline clear smooth mineral makeup! First, using MAC 187 brush, he gently dabbed on liquid foundation as base (which doubles as a concealer). Then, he buffed on someΒ  powder-foundation to neutralize the color, making my base match my skin tone better. He accentuated my eyes using neutral colored eye shadows, eye liner pencil and mascara. Of course, he put some blush-on and lipstick for flushed-looking finish. (more…)




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