Xernan Orticio, Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

Xernan Orticio - PFW Holiday 2011

Xernan Orticio’s collection for Holiday 2011 represents the Byzantine architecture—specifically that of church interiors and structures. It’s also inspired by female saints during such era. The ensemble features tailored evening dresses in relaxed nude and nougat off-white colours. Some dresses have glistening gold embellishments, bejewelled with sparkly crystals of drop-shaped and cubic type. Others were layered with unstructured jackets and vests. Sheer chiffon bottom softens the whole rigid look.

Combined with precise cutting details and layering, my fashion offering for this season pays tribute to the sacred forms and icons of this era. – Xernan Orticio

It’s a bit tricky for me to tell whether I could exclusively classify the whole collection as Byzantine or not, but the style really looks that of clergymen at first sight. It looks a bit costume-y to me (think of sci-fi battleship uniforms), albeit I’m digging the one depicting a cross symbol upfront. The long shift dress shown at the latter part would probably be the one I least liked on the collection. The model was having a hard time walking whilst wearing it. On a brighter note, most of the pieces are neatly tailored to perfection.

Xernan Orticio Holiday 2011 in pictures

Xernan Orticio, Design Fusion - PFW Holiday 2011

Xernan Orticio, Design Fusion - PFW Holiday 2011


Russell Villafuerte, Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

Russell Villafuerte - PFW Holiday 2011

Buddhist and Hindu monks were primarily the influences (that explains the skin tone headgear) of Russell Villafuerte in making his Holiday 2011 collection aptly called Ascetism. The collection is comprised of separate pieces and one-piece ensembles, some with simplistic drapings combined with structured panels. He widely made use of  the warm orange palette accentuated with touches of gold, brown, light yellow and red.

I must admit that I’m biased towards the colour orange as my least favourite. But, in fairness, I find the overall colour combination quite decent, and I kinda like it! The fabric mostly used looks like jersey, with a combination of other fabrics such as satin, etc. The tie-dyed chiffon draping isn’t my cup of tea though. I wish he could make use of another that isn’t something like that. Au contraire, I’m digging the multi-striped patterns with knitted baubles hanging around—they’re really fun and quirky to me!

Russell Villafuerte Holiday 2011 in pictures

Russell Villafuerte, Design Fusion - PFW Holiday 2011

Russell Villafuerte, Design Fusion - PFW Holiday 2011


Don Protasio, Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

Don Protasio - PFW Holiday 2011

Don Protasio’s Holiday 2011 Collection is inspired by desert nomads, featuring loose, tent-shaped silhouettes in greige fabric tinged in brown and [taupe] grey. The hooded pieces certainly remind me of Jedi knights, particularly the ones donned by the guys. I like the minimalistic, free-flowing feel of the fabric. The trailing and caping add much of the dramatic, and often, mysterious flair of the whole garb. The fabric looks lightweight and comfy (kinda looks like linen to me). I find the clothes streaked in highlighted hues of light and dark grey rather pretty chic.

Pieces exude my personal vision for the wearers of this collection: unbridled freedom that allows for the joy and ease of carefree movement. – Don Protasio

Don Protasio Holiday 2011 in pictures

Don Protasio, Design Fusion - PFW Holiday 2011

Don Protasio, Design Fusion - PFW Holiday 2011





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