Tony Moly Disco Diva Makeup Event.

Tony Moly Disco Diva Makeup Event

Sometime last October, Tony Moly Philippines held a makeup event, which I was fortunate to attend. I remember being sick at that time, but braced the under-the-weather feeling and went still.

Despite coming in very late, I was able to catch a glimpse on the event highlights:

Tony Moly’s Korean makeup artists canada goose down bomber jacket with hood canada goose authentic retailers, Yoon Eun Mi and  Cha Duhee, did a makeup demonstration using the brand’s latest products. Dubbed as Disco Diva, I’m sure you already have a clue on what type of look they did.

Tony Moly Disco Diva Makeup Event
Korean Makeup Artists Yoon Eun Mi and Cha Du Hee with their models.

‘Twas really interesting to know how a nighttime, party-ready makeup can still look fresh and effortless. I guess, Koreans have a knack for keeping things simple, as evident on their TV Dramas where celebrities pull off a makeup-no makeup look.  Blame their genetically flawless, pore-less skins for it.

To add, the model on the left was just wearing BB cream as base, which fit her ‘coz she really has nice skin. Pardon for the bad lighting. I still have yet to invest on a good external flash.

Tony Moly Disco Diva Makeup Event

Look closely.

Tony Moly Disco Diva Makeup Event

*Frustration ensues* 😀

Some of the newest products introduced were the Backstage Self Smoky Eye Collection (duo-eyeshadow palette with gel eyeliner), Floria Bloom Ball Busher, and IntenseRepair Live Snail BB Cream.

Tony Moly Disco Diva Makeup Event
One of the hosts holding the Backstage Self Smoky Eye Collection


Something New: Tony Moly Dear Me Skin Care (and Makeup) Line

Tony Moly has been generously giving me these wonderful products that’s just been launched recently. It’s about time to feature these goodies for public consumption. Expect more Tony Moly posts (especially reviews) in the upcoming weeks! 🙂

Introducing the Dear Me Skincare (and Makeup) Line:

Tony Moly Dear Me Skin Care and Makeup Line

Each of these Tony Moly Dear Me products contains baby herb complex — composed of 7 different botanical potent extracts — that works as a skin barrier, keeping the skin healthy and protected against the harmful effects of environmental pollutants. It also promises to relieve the skin from stress, whilst keeping it rejuvenated and moisturised. Its mild formulation makes it suitable for sensitive skin types.

I haven’t tried any of these products yet, but I’m thinking of trying one or two from the line for an extensive review. 🙂  (more…)

Review: Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist

Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist - Tony Moly

This newest product from Tony Moly is one of the most interesting things I currently own.

Tony Moly Bunny Sleek Mist comes in a cutesy bottle. It simply works as a facial mist. With its fine soft moisture particles, it promises to offer a simultaneously exhilirating and skin-bolstering effect.

To use: Spritz onto skin 20-30cm away from the face with eyes closed. Leave for 30 seconds or gently pat the skin [until dry] to fully absorb the product.

Cute Packaging, Refreshing Scent

Who wouldn’t fall in love with its cutesy bunny bottle which reminds me of Matryoshka dolls (only it doesn’t have a smaller counterpart on the inside)? It’s so adorable that even little girls would love to own it as well. 😀

I also like the scent. I daresay it smells better than my BB Magic Mist. It has this subtle floral scent which’s just as refreshing as a baby cologne or powder.

Thick Mist Particles

As said earlier, it works like your regular facial mist/spray. It sets makeup giving it a dewy finish, and refreshes the skin.

Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist

On the other hand, I just wish the mist would be finer. Perhaps, it’s because of the spray nozzle, which delivers a thicker mist than my BB Magic Mist or that of Evian. Hence, it’s important to follow the instruction regarding the distance, lest you’d end up pretty much drenched. 😛 And yes, it’ll take a toll of your time waiting for it to dry completely.

Price:  Php 448

Available at leading SM stores nationwide.




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